Introducing JetMessage

We persistently continue to develop Jetlink platform with a focus of better customer service and easier commerce for brands. Messaging is still the core of everything and we build things around it including JetBot Framework, Live Chat, Social media integrations, Web widget, Human take-over mechanism, Reporting and so on. Our last piece of development is JetMessage.

Message builder

Mobile messaging is the future of marketing

JetMessage aims to increase engagement and maintain a continuous relation with users. It is more about marketing side of Jetlink and we believe the potential. So far, chatbots or live chat are considered as tools for customer service, they were used mostly for welcoming customers, respond to their requests fast. However, once you get users request in a chat whether it’s with a chatbot or live agent, you start to know users, a hook comes in and conversational interfaces are the most convenient channels for further customer communication too. Numbers don’t lie…

Email vs Messaging for marketing

The average email open rate is 22%. Sad. The average email click-through rate is 3.2%. Sadder.

Email marketing vs Messaging marketing open rate — click rate

Messaging is the most powerful tool for marketing. With 80% open rates Messenger is one of the best place to make that happen. Yes, you heard us right, eighty per cent open rates, that is x4 better than email. There is also 56% click through rate. We all moved to mobile messaging apps in our daily communication and found them to be even better. That’s also important factor and it is not going to change soon.

Messaging apps are the new way your customers consume the internet, stay up to date with events and friends, chat with their family members and even exchange content.

A chart from Statista shows that 75% of the online referral traffic comes from the dark social that is untrackable links exchanged in private between individuals.

Statista Dark Social

If you still not convinced about the power of new type of messaging, contact with us, we’ll be happy to set a trial for you.


JetMessage is designed to empower your marketing with the power of messaging. It is still in the first phase, we have a lot to develop, however, even now it is very influential. For now, we only support FB messenger means that you can broadcast different type of content including;

  • Campaigns
  • Product / service updates
  • News
  • Notifications
  • Personalized offers

JetMessage lets you to segment your users and schedule campaign messages to be sent based on their timezone for increased user engagement which is perfect for time-sensitive promotional offers. Furthermore, you can send messages with different message types such as text, picture or generic (rich text).

Increase ChatBot Engagement

JetMessage is also the best way to send promotions and marketing campaigns through your Messenger chatbot for better user retention and brand engagement. With JetMessage, your chatbot is no longer one-way channel to respond your users, you can also broadcast personalized messages whenever you need.

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We think that there is a bright future for marketing in chatbots and messaging, if you share the same vision, say us hi anytime to discuss further!